by Joe Smith


Most dowsers are "healers" and most "healers" are dowsers. Some "healers" don't know they are dowsers but most are. Through intuition they know what is wrong with a subject. Dowsers just dowse for it. One of our class wondered if you had to be a dowser to be a "healer". No but it sure helps. The word healer is actually a misnomer. We as humans do not do the healing , at least in my case. The "power to heal " comes from some where in the heavens.

How did I come up with this Washing Machine routine? Well it is bits and pieces from several classes and books I've read on healing or energy . Some prefer energy work. What ever turns you on. I threw them all in a sack , shook them up and out popped the Washing Machine Routine. Does it work ? I think it does, some times instantaneously, other times it takes a while and possibly more than one session.

First of all you need two people for this lesson. Get your close friend, the one you drink coffee with and doesn't think you have gone off the deep end. Your husband or wife will work. Somebody's else's wife probably wouldn't work because you couldn't keep your mind on what your supposed to.

Step 1; Set your subject in a chair right in front of you in comfortable clothes and have them remove their shoes.

 Step 2: You step back about a yard from the back of the chair, (one step) and say something nice to the angels that you work with or just to the angels. Like I send you my love and deepest gratitude for the help you have given me and will give me in this healing routine. Or something to that effect. Write your own script if you don't feel comfortable with mine. God has all these angels up there wanting to help us, and they love to help serious people like your self. Now hold your hands palm up out in front of you, to receive this power to do the job in front of you. 

Step 3 : Now ask the angels to send that power down to you. You should feel the tingling in your hands. As you feel the loving energy enter and fill you body you are now ready to share that power with your subject. Step slightly forward and get yourself clear full of the energy. 

Step 4 : Step forward to the back of your subject and ask if you may touch the subject on the shoulders. Place your hands on the subject's shoulders and send Gods love down through their body. The point of entry to the body is just at the base of the collar bone on each side, it should be a little sore. While you are doing this ask them to breath in through their nose and exhale out their mouth in a slow steady manner. If they seem up tight have them count backwards from 100 to 1 slowly, either out loud or to them selves. 

Step 5: Ask them to visualize that their body is a washing machine and You are sending God's love in the form of warm soapy water to cleanse their body of all the hurts and pains, all the fears, all the disappointments, all the should haves and all the shouldn't haves including all the animosities for others and forgiveness for those that have animosity toward you. 

This turns the washing machine on full speed. Throw any thing in there that fits the person's life. You know half this work is intuition any way. Things will come to you to talk about just like you are visiting. So there is room for ad-libbing here. Each person is different.  You now have the person relaxed and trying to think of all their problems, real or imagined. At this time some tighten up and you can feel it. Your hands should be on their shoulders at all times during this part. Just let the love of God enter the person and you can almost feel them melt down. You will know when the right time is to go to the next step. 

Step 6:. After you feel that they turned a lot of baggage loose, ask them if they are ready to spin it all out. To do this the release point for the spinning is with your thumbs just above the shoulder blades again about 3 inches apart. Ask them to spin it all out , watch it all go down the drain. 

After that is done ask them if they need another round to clean some of that deep down hurt or resentments. If they think of some they forgot, do it again, both the wash and rinse and spin it out again. Some times it takes several sessions to get the relief one needs. When you feel you have removed all the bad stuff, spin some of God's love and compassion, what ever sounds good for the person. That will fill the void left by removing the bad stuff. 

If by chance you know what the problem is then you can add the pendulum over the head . example: I was at an ORI school one time and a fellow that sat with me told me that he was going to have to leave the class even before it started. I asked why and he told me of a serious allergy he had to perfume, especially Joy perfume as lady that just came in was wearing it. I told him that he forgot where he was at. I took the pendulum and asked God to take his allergies away. I was swinging it over his head with my left hand on his shoulder. When it quit spinning I told him he didn't have it any more. He got up and walked past the lady and returned to his seat. That evening as the class broke up he went up and gave that lady a big hug explaining that he wouldn't have been able to do that before God cleared his allergies. It has been over 4 years now and he is still ok. 

So some times you just have to wing it. Perfection is not what counts, it is INTENT. An example of heavenly help happened to me in Georgia one night. A lady came over to the house where I was staying and asked if I could help her. She had a very bad case of shingles in the left side of the face. I took her back to one of the bedrooms and sat her on a dressing table. I did about half of the routine I usually do as I was sweating and shaking and she was also. It was February and not too warm out. After I got through with the "healing", I let her sit there a while to see if she was all right. She looked at me and said, " you weren't even here, there was a big white angel here". At the time I wondered what she was talking about. Later she wrote a story for the ORI journal and in it she said she had an out of body experience and saw the big angel working on her down below as she was floating near the ceiling. 

OK back to the program, After you and the subject are satisfied that you did the best you could then check their aura and fluff it up like you would a pillow but don't hit the subject  Learn to feel the aura as it seems to push back. Now as you work on the aura, smooth it out clear to the feet area. This does take some practice but it will come to you. Now for a very humbling experience kneel down and massage their feet just as Jesus did so many years ago. Visulize pouring oil on your hands. It grounds both you and the subject. while you are doing this don't rub to hard, gentle. After that is done you are almost through. Ask your subject to stand up and give them a big hug just like I'm giving all of you right now. Be sure and wash your hands when you are through. Joe



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